Special Anniversaries

Wyatt Heritage Properties Incorporated celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Summerside Fire Department on October 5th

In partnership with the Summerside Fire Department the day of celebrations will include a two person play interpreting the Great Fire of 1906 and a dramatic re-enactment. To illustrate, the Summerside Fire Department will feature time period specific equipment at a mock fire meant to re-create the desperate circumstances and hopelessly inadequate resources with which the Great Fire of 1906 was battled. Celebrations will include access to the “Into the Fire Exhibition” at the Summerside Armoury building, cake, live music, family entertainment and giveaways. This will be an opportunity to see and learn about the early firemen’s trucks, pumper wagons and equipment at the Summerside Fire Department.

#11 - No.2 Chemical with Men

Windsor Corney Collection, MacNaught History Centre and Archives

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