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Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc. presents the 12th Annual

Island Storytelling Festival: New Waves

September 29th & October 6th 2016

The festival is the opportunity to experience the ancient art of storytelling at its finest. Prince Edward Island is known as a land of stories with unique home-grown storytellers. The festival will feature two different forms of storytelling, each equally entertaining and educational. On both nights the stories will be about the Island and its people. On Thursday, September 29th three Island storytellers will entertain with their own unique styles of storytelling. Names will be announced at a later date. On Thursday, October 6th the stories will be told through the recording of radio dramas before a live audience. Island historic happenings are written into radio dramas that local voice actors and foleys bring to life in the manner of early live radio.

Plan to be part of The Island Storytelling Festival: New Waves. The venue is Eptek Art and Culture Centre located at 130 Heather Moyse Drive on the beautiful Summerside Waterfront. Eptek is part of the Wyatt Centre complex which houses the Harbourfront Theatre. As the festival takes place over two Thursday evenings plan to take in the many cultural activities spread across the Island as part of Canadian Culture Days, September 30th and October first and second.


Traditional Storytelling evening: September 29th, featuring:

Dennis KingDennis King

Dennis “Denny” King comes from a long line  of storytellers. His father Lionel and Uncles Donald and Jack were known to share many tales from their youth spent on Boughton Island during the Great Depression. Born in Georgetown, Denny is proud to be carrying on the family tradition and relishes the opportunity to share his unique and entertaining stories with audiences of all ages.

Denny is part of hit storytelling group The   Four Tellers. In April 2016, he published his first book “The Day They Shot Reveen – Stories from a PEI small town”.

For the Island Storytelling Festival: New Waves, Dennis’ storytelling will touch on a variety of topics.


Mary MacGillivray and Cian O’Morain

Cian O'Morain & Mary MacGillivrayNow a resident of PEI, Cian O’Morain is a native Irish speaker and story teller from County Kerry, Ireland. He is also a multi-instrumentalist and has recently completed a master’s degree in the performance of traditional Irish music. He has toured Ireland, Canada and the US.

Mary MacGillivray is a singer/songwriter who was born in PEI and grew up here as well as Cape Breton. Surrounded by home-made music and her deep PE/CB Island roots, Mary began singing and song writing at a young age. She sings in English as well as Irish and Scottish Gaelic, and is learning to speak the languages of her heritage.

For the Island Storytelling Festival: New Waves, Cian and Mary will present the traditional Storytelling of rural Ireland through story and song.


Anne Farrell

Anne FarrellAnne Farrell was born and raised on a traditional mixed-farm in Lot 16, PEI. She grew up knowing she was a needed part of that family farm and turned work into play, wildlife into house pets and daily events into stories. She knew she was Irish Catholic before she knew she was an Islander. And she knew she was an Islander before her knowledge of being Canadian. Anne is a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a wife, a mother, a student, a runner, a reader, a writer, and a storyteller. She loves strong coffee, a good story, and especially loves bridging this reality to the magical secrets of the old ways.

For the Island Storytelling Festival: New Waves, Anne will be telling the stories of old Prince Edward Island.


Ensor Waite

Ensor Waite Ensor Waite was raise on the family farm in    Sherbrooke, PEI. He attended the community one room school for ten years. In 1954 he graduated from Commercial College in Summerside and worked with the Royal Bank for two years before returning home to the family farm where he farmed until his retirement. Ensor and his wife Louise, married fifty-five years, presently reside in Travellers Rest. After his retirement Ensor became interested in family history which led to telling stories of the past to his extended family and friends. He is a member of the Summerside Tale Tellers storytelling circle.

For the Island storytelling Festival: New Waves, Ensor will be telling stories of growing up on the family farm in Sherbrooke during World War II.


Live Recording of Radio Dramas:  Thursday, October 6th, 2016

 radio dramas2

Radio is a wonderful medium for storytelling and creates the best pictures. In the early days of radio, dramas went live on air and anything could happen.

The second evening of the Island Storytelling Festival: New Waves is about recreating the early days of live radio. Interesting and varied island stories are sought out through researching the historic materials housed in the MacNaught History Centre and Archives. When a good story is found it is turned over to a writer who then shapes it into a five to seven minute drama. The facts are all represented, but creative license is brought into play with the writing.

Volunteer voice actors from the community are sought to bring the drama characters to life. Foleys or sound people, are given the job of creating the drama sounds in the same manner as early live radio. For example, coconut shells create the sounds of horse hoofs. Then on October 6th, the dramas are presented to an audience which feeds the creative juices of the actors.

The dramas are recorded by sound artist, Peter Gallant, and later make an appearance on the, the YouTube channel of Culture Summerside, Radio Atlantic, and the Storytellers of Canada web radio station.

The radio dramas are an entertaining and educational form of storytelling and the evening is fun for all ages.



Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc. presents 11th Annual

Island Storytelling Festival: New Waves 

September 24th & 27th 2015

The ancient art of storytelling still holds a prominent place in our modern age. Life truly is a series of stories and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t love a good story. Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc. is excited to be presenting in September its 11th storytelling festival. Since its inception the festival has featured the best of Island storytellers and this year’s lineup is more of the same.

Stories will be presented in two formats over two evenings. The first night, Thursday, September 24th is traditional oral storytelling. Three tellers are on the program and will delight the audience with their own particular style of storytelling.
Gary MacDougall, was involved in journalism on PEI for forty-seven years before his recent retirement as managing editor of The Guardian Newspaper. The news will feature heavily in his storytelling.
Vernon Campbell, of Graham’s Road is a well-known amateur Island actor who loves to deliver a laugh. The genial potato farmer will draw upon the stories of change in rural Island life as seen through his father’s eyes.
Laurie Brinklow, former publisher of Acorn Press and current coordinator of the Institute of Island Studies, is a writer, poet, singer and storyteller. She will partner with Michael Mooney for stories, poetry and song.

The second evening, Sunday, September 27th will present storytelling in the form of radio dramas. True Island historical happenings are written into radio scripts which community voice actors and Foleys then perform for the audience in the manner of early live radio. The drams will be recorded for online and radio play. It is a fun experience to be part of the audience and see how the stories unfold and are recorded. Some of the scripts are of a lighter nature and some have a very serious story to tell.

Admission for the traditional oral storytelling evening is $10.00 and tickets can be purchased at the door. Admission for the radio dramas is free as the event is one of the many Culture Days activities being celebrated across the country. Funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage, The Province of Prince Edward Island and the City of Summerside is greatly appreciated in the delivery of the storytelling festival.

The location for both evenings is Eptek Art and Culture Centre, 130 Heather Moyse Drive in Summerside. Both evenings begin at 7:30 pm.


2014 Storytelling Festival: New Waves: September 25th and October 5th

The art of oral storytelling still holds its place in this modern age of technology and fast paced living. After all everyone loves a good story which influences the imagination’s creation of vivid pictures.  Prince Edward Island is a place of stories and Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc. of Summerside has been promoting and celebrating the ancient art for the past ten years through its oral storytelling and radio drama recording festival.

Since 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of World War One, this year’s festival is dedicated to the stories and songs of the war years and the impact on the people and places of Prince Edward Island. The festival consists of two separate events that are spread out in time. The first event is an evening of oral storytelling being held on Thursday, September 25th at 7:30 pm at Eptek Art and Culture Centre, 130 Heather Moyse Drive, Summerside. Taking center stage to enthrall people with their stories will be Katherine Dewar, Dr. Edward MacDonald, Hank Stinson, and Shelley Campbell Stetson.  Dewar will tell the story of an Island nurse who served in the war out of duty to king and country, compassion for the soldiers, and in search of adventure. Island nurses who served received very little recognition when they returned home after the war and Dewar has set about to change that neglected part of the war story. The stories and songs of the war years will be told and sung by Hank Stinson. Shelley Campbell Stetson will take to the stage for the first time as a storyteller to tell a very personal family wartime story. Well known UPEI history professor Dr. Edward MacDonald will round out the evening with stories of the war’s impact on the people and places of the Island.  Tickets are ten dollars and can be purchased at the door.

The second part of the New Waves Festival will be held on the evening of Sunday, October 5th. It will consist of the live recording of radio dramas based on the experiences of Island nurses enlisted in the World War One cause. The resource material for the dramas written by Marlene Campbell was provided by Katherine Dewar. Local volunteer actors will perform the dramas narrated by Stuart Smith and the sounds will be created by foleys in the same manner of early live radio. Christine Anderson Gallant performs the music for the recordings. It is both a fun and educational evening for the audience. The event starts at 7:30 pm at Eptek Art and Culture Centre.

The New Waves Storytelling Festival is made possible through funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage, The Prince Edward Island Department of Tourism and Culture, and the City of Summerside.

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2013 Storytelling Festival: New Waves: September 21st and 29th

Wyatt Heritage Properties Incorporated’s 2013 Storytelling Festival will consist of two evenings of amazing storytelling. This year’s venue is Eptek Art and Culture Centre, 130 Harbour Drive, Summerside. The start time for both evenings is 7:30 pm.

The first evening, Saturday, September 21st, will feature the dynamic Nova Scotia Acadian storyteller Clara Dugas.  Tickets can be purchased at the door for $10.00. The second evening, Sunday, September 29th, will combine the recording of six radio dramas of historic Island happenings and the storytelling and music of Dorothy Ellis Jackson and Patricia Brooks. As the second event is a Culture Days activity admission is free. Both evenings are suitable for audiences of all ages and interests.

The festival is sponsored by Canadian Heritage, the Province of Prince Edward Island, and the City of Summerside, and Culture Days. Please see further acknowledgement below.


Clara Dugas kicked off the Storytelling Festival on September 21st with a captivating story.

Storytelling Festival Radio Dramas

Wyatt Heritage Properties Incorporated has produced a number of radio dramas that bring alive Summerside and Prince Edward Island history.  The dramas are true stories of historic happenings that were researched through the MacNaught History Centre and Archives in Summerside. The short dramas were recorded before a live audience using amateur voice actors. The sounds and music were created by Foleys and musicians in the same manner of early live radio.

Wyatt Heritage Properties Incorporated has embarked on this project as a way of both entertaining and educating people about our Island past. Radio creates the best pictures. More dramas will be added to the site as developed during the annual fall festival.

Other ways to access the dramas are through our YouTube channel or through Culture Summerside’s website.

The dramas have been made possible through the support of Canadian Heritage, the Prince Edward Island Government and the City of Summerside.

Radio drama practice

Community members practice upcoming radio dramas.

To listen to the most recent radio dramas please clink on the audio titles below.

The following five are earlier Radio Dramas produced by Wyatt Heritage Properties Incorporated

Melancholy Accident in Summerside Harbour

Surgery on the Kitchen Table

Alone in the Graveyard

Island Woman Accused of Witchcraft

Public Whipping of Jeremy Mahar

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